Geographic Targeting in Facebook Ads: Province vs. City, Which One to Choose?

In Facebook advertising, the terms “Province” and “City” refer to the geographical targeting options. “Province” represents a larger region or area, while “City” refers to a more specific location.

Adana Province, for example, encompasses the entire Adana province as a targeting option. By selecting this option, you can target the entire province of Adana. On the other hand, Adana (City) is used to target the city center or a specific urban area within the Adana province.

The choice between these options depends on your target audience and marketing strategy. If you want to target a broader audience across the entire Adana province, you can use the Adana Province option. However, if you want to target a more specific location within Adana, such as a particular city or urban area, you can opt for Adana (City).

Understanding your target audience better and considering your marketing objectives will help determine which option is more suitable for your ad campaign.


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